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Aidapay - Affordable data, bills payment, and more...

Aidapay makes it very easy to buy recharge cards, data bundles, electricity bills, cable subscriptions, and more from the comfort of your phone.

Aidapay is using technology to provide innovative solutions that eliminate the extra cost and hassle of locating a vendor when trying to pay your bills.

Users all over Nigeria are so happy to use Aidapay for bill payment because, apart from being fast and easy, it is also a lot cheaper than other competitors.

Aidapay promises a lot of new and exciting features in the pipeline to help make transactions and bill payments a lot smoother and smarter.

Services (available on web app and Whatsapp)

Aidapay also provides an intelligent Whatsapp chatbot that can help you pay your bill through an automated response. Paying bills is now as easy as chatting with loved ones

  • Airtime recharge
  • Data bundle
  • Electricity bills
  • Cable subscriptions
  • Internet services
  • Funds transfer
via WhatsApp

Become an Aidapay agent.
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You can become an Aidapay agent to buy data SME and airtime from all the telecommunication service providers across Nigeria at a discounted rate.

Becoming an agent helps you start a business by selling data to others at the rate of your choice. No need to buy the data in bulk, buy directly for your customers as soon as you receive their payment.

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